Candy Birthday Card

My daughter-in-law and I made this for our pastor’s birthday.

It’s very simple and easy to do and makes a great card!

Candy Birthday Card



Cupid’s Love Brew

Use a hot cocoa packet, mini marshmallows, two hershey kisses
and a red candy stick (for stirring stick)
place in a baggie and put in a mug and add the poem

This is Cupid’s Love Brew,
made it special just for you.
Pour it in a cup of hot water
and use the love stick to stir.

Inside is tucked a kiss of two
that is sure to warm you thru,
and as you sip from the mug,
Cupid sends you a great big hug.

Now if you know who sent this
and to them you return a kiss,
then Cupid has fulfilled his part,
helping true love win your heart!

Watermelon Love Seeds

attach the following poem to a packet of watermelon seeds or place watermelon flavored candies in a baggie.:

This little gift is to let you know
I’m grateful for the seeds of love you sow
When I think of you, watermelon comes to mind
You’re sweet on the inside and strong like a rind

Valentine Grams

My Dearest (Sugar Baby):

Happy Valentines Day. May this bouquet bring you a (Snicker) as you read my message. It will not make you (Chunky) and I am not playing (Twix) on you.

You are my (Bit-O-Honey), you are worth more than a (100 Grand) to me, I get (Goo Goo) eyes every time I see you.

Our (Good-N-Plenty) life together is like shopping on (5th Avenue) on (Pay Day). I wish you (Mounds) of (Almond Joy) on this Valentines Day.

Hugs and Kisses

(Now and Later)
My Dearest SUGAR BABY,

I hope this brings you a SNICKER as you read my message. It will not make you CHUNKY and I am not playing TWIX on you. You are my BIT-O-HONEY, BAR NONE. I am NUTRAGEOUS about you. You are always there for me in a CRUNCH. We have a GOOD-N-PLENTY life together, and I love you from here to MARS. You will always be my BIG HUNK. I wish you MOUNDS of ALMOND JOY on this Valentines…and a little RED HOT love.