Remember Him

When you are feeling alone,
Remember Him.

When you go hungry,
Remember Him.

When you are staring in the face of temptation,
Remember Him.

When your loved one has died,
Remember Him.

When you are falsely accused,
Remember Him.

When you are betrayed,
Remember Him.

When you are the victim of abuse,
Remember Him.

Remember Him for he has been there.
He was alone for forty days and nights.
He had gone without food and water.
Satan came before him in His weak moments and tempted Him many times.
He had been falsely accused of blasphemy.
His friends/loved ones betrayed Him and abandoned Him in my darkest hours.
He was abused and scorned, left to bleed to death.

Remember Him for with all this He still loved you so much He sacrificed his life for your forgiveness of sins.
Remember Him for He will always love you.


Little Eyes Upon You

There are little eyes upon you
and they’re watching night and day.
There are little ears that quickly
take in every word you say.

There are little hands all eager
to do anything you do;
And a little boy who’s dreaming
of the day he’ll be like you.

You’re the little fellow’s idol,
you’re the wisest of the wise.
In his little mind about you
no suspicions ever rise.

He believes in you devoutly,
holds all you say and do;
He will say and do, in your way
when he’s grown up just like you.

There’s a wide-eyed little fellow
who believes you’re always right;
and his eyes are always opened,
and he watches day and night.

You are setting an example
every day in all you do;
For the little boy who’s waiting
to grow up to be like you.

~ author unknown ~ 

Watermelon Love Seeds

attach the following poem to a packet of watermelon seeds or place watermelon flavored candies in a baggie.:

This little gift is to let you know
I’m grateful for the seeds of love you sow
When I think of you, watermelon comes to mind
You’re sweet on the inside and strong like a rind

Old Year Out

Before you flip your calendar
To start a New Year bright,
Reflect for just a moment on
The year that ends tonight.

Each joy and every heartache
Has been etched into your heart,
But in a few short hours you
May make a brand new start.

As you review the days and weeks
That simply seemed to fly,
Would you say fortune smiled on you
Or did she pass you by?

Since it’s not wise to dwell upon
Those days that made you cry,
The thing to do is set your sights
And aim right at the sky.

Forget those tears and sorrow
As you bid the old, “Adieu,”
And welcome in the New Year,
It’s dawning … just for you!

Christmas Candy M&Ms

As you hold these candies
In your hand,
And turn them,
You will see.
The M becomes a W,
An E, and then a 3.
They tell the Christmas story,
It’s one I’m sure you know.
It took place in a stable.
A long, long, time ago.
The E is for the East,
Where the star shone so bright.
The M is for the Manger,
Where Baby Jesus slept that night.
The 3 is for the Wisemen,
Bearing gifts, they say they came.
W is for Worship, Hallelujah, Praise His Name.
So as you eat these candies,
Or share them with a friend.
Remember the meaning of Christmas,
It’s a Love story that never ends.

by Pam Ridenour